The Real Individualism

Individualism is the belief that exalts the freedom and rights of individuals. Allthough in reality when dealing with the affairs of the group, the country, especially families, individualism is no longer fully individualized, not really personal. As social beings how to interpret not only not wrong, but it should be and useful.

At a predetermined time each individual will act as an individual in the real sense. Everyone does not bind themselves with anyone including their own families. That Judment Day. When the voice came shattering on a day when everyone broke away from their brother, from their mothers and their fathers, their wives and their children. Everyone on that day has to occupy affairs (QS 80 : 33-37)

At that time humans really be individual not because of the collapse of morality so everyone really did not think about their families, but because of the enormity of the catastrophe without no place to escape and unhelpful.

Just into the lap of God a place to return and seek refuge. Insyaallah


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