The world of laughter and The world of tears, which is more valuable?

When we see a funny scene, then laughed, we are not able to control ourselves. As if we’re slipping by a banana peel. We are snatched away by a wild urge to move autonomously. For most people, arrested for not laughing more difficult than trying not to cry.

If the laugh, make us free from the confinement of self-consciousness, crying immerse us into the basic self-awareness. In the unbearable grief, we become too self-conscious, lose the desire, nor hope and respect. In our chests filled with chunks of grief. And seemed to crystallize under the gaze of compassion. We fall into submission to the lowest point, without color, without dignity, without pride.

Then, the man should be where, “the world of laughter” or “world of tears”?.

Often we see, at the height of glory and fame, such as when laughing, man became lost control. Compelled to always be different from most people, they get used to living outside the spontaneity. Their behavior becomes unusual. And on the outside of the limits of control, they truly become a “foreign man” for others, as well as for themselves. Accumulation of habit “alone” is generating a sense of alienation, which is often the trigger to do the removal themselves, in the extreme form of suicide.

No different, as inhabiting the “world of laughter” that can make people forget themselves. Allow ourselves to dissolve in endless grief, for long will plunge us into the abyss of despair. Nothing can be seen, except for the failure, deadlock, self-cast, inapplicability, and ultimately lead to the desire deprive themselves or commit suicide.

Between two worlds, there is a third option, namely “the world of cynicism”. A world inhabited by those who do not want to suffer, but was powerless to resist. They do not want to cry, but also not able to laugh.

The matching is not selected the three worlds. Because, besides there is no necessity to choose, the alternation of life in the “world of laughter” to “world of tears and vice versa, making the man always asks,” who they are? “. So, with their advantages and disadvantages, they are not too proud when successful, and not feel humiliated when they fail.

Optimism is not synonymous with living life to keep laughing, but the awareness not to feel no need, and do not never grateful.

While the “world of cynicism” may be a game those who view their lives with indecision.


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