The Deceived Heart

If all human beings have the opportunity to fly into space as experienced by the astronauts, will be the witness that the universe is vast. Earth, where humans live is just a small ball between a sprinkling of other small balls. Human presence in the “small ball” is if the zoom from outer space, compared with the size of the earth (especially with the universe) is an existence that is very small. However, in this existence, keep thoughts, wishes, dreams, and fantasies are so large exceeding the breadth of this universe.

Once able to prove themselves as intelligent beings and other advantages, they are not satisfied merely by changing the face of life on earth to suit their wishes, they also try to explore life beyond Earth. If, at a time, humans managed to build a life on the planet Mars almost certainly they will continue to look for the other kind. And to get all of that humans are willing to sacrifice anything including themselves.

Actually, humans want what?. Could it be, humans are pursuing something that is not understood, but the satisfaction and pleasure for a moment?. Or, just follow the stream of consciousness in principle achieve a better life and more comfortable?. If this is so true human life, surely humans will never find the meaning of their lives, but to seek and find no end.

On behalf of meaningfulness, humans are not only willing to sacrifice time, energy, mind, but also the soul. Unfortunately, the sincerity of their sacrifice, not to cause people to find the meaning of life. This is evidenced by the ongoing process of finding meaning in a variety of forms. Conquest, victory, power, wealth, social status, is part of the symbolic meaningfulness, which continues to be hunted up to date. Thus, most probably in the end, people came to the conclusion that the meaning of life is the search process without stopping.

Humans have been deceived by their own intelligence and desire. Human reason is conclusively proven to have many limitations. Too many are not able to be answered with complete, although the man wanted. However, humans have never tried to use other approaches other than common.

Indeed, human beings endowed with intelligence, not used to find the meaning of their lives, but to be grateful for that gift. That is, be grateful not only to thank you, love each other, nature preserve, or build a better life, but also to understand, justify, and adhere to what has been taught and instructed by the Giver of life. Right and wrong, good and bad, useful and useless, including profit and loss, based on the calculation of the human mind, is not a measure to determine that humans have discovered the truth, or have found the meaning of their lives.



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