Why, The Children Say “let’s go home!” ?

Dwelling house is the beginning of the growing and evolving. Not just building homes starting from an empty land, or trees from seed, or of us that have lived there since birth. But, also the growth and development of self-consciousness which is inseparable from the house.

From home, we can say to leave, or go home. Home is the starting point of the orientation of our consciousness. As much as a place providing comfort, would never have called “home”. Likewise, living in a humble little house, as being in “heaven”. When we take a trip away with the family, with their innocence, children often say “let’s go home”. A house have the magnetic power. So that, when selling a home, we feel something different than selling goods in others. We feel there is some part of us missing.

Another different feeling when we inhabit a new house. At first, every time we went into the house, we still feel like a guest. Until then, foreign feeling had disappeared, replaced by a sense of intimacy. Since then, the new house is no longer a new place or  foreign terms, but has become part of us. Therefore, simply by watching the house and furniture, we not only can assess the social status of a family, but also get the impression the characters and their culture.

About the broken home does not mean they have broken ties with their home, but only the expression of protest against something that is not desired, such as parents fighting. As long as they still feel like I’m going to leave the home, so long as it’s also an abandoned house to remain a part of them.

Questions to be answered, whether there is an actual house, which are not reimbursed by the state and time?. When born into the world, in fact humans are traveling. Leaving home, and one day would return home. Why, humans are reluctant to go home, or never even thought about it?. Therefore, they “feel” sure has managed to break away from their homes, and want to build temporary houses in the world. But, when death came to pick up, with be happy or forced, as a child, we would say “let’s go home!”


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