The Silent World of The Fail People

It is about a place, rather a mood

That not everyone is willing to listen, watch, especially inhabit

A quiet place of joy, gaiety, and the frenetic

No pride, no victory

Nothing, except an absurd dance in the dark, and silent songs

Here the people fail to live

They are not lazy, nor stupid

They only people who always lose in many ways

In their helplessness, they always embrace surrender

They are tired of waiting for an answer

Why, trickery, fraud, conspiracy allowed to roam around the success

Why, sincerity, honesty, and truth, was never given a place, but only used as accessories speech

But, as soon as they asked, as soon as they also throw this question

Because there are so many eyes staring at them with a cynical view

Behind the cynical view, they laughed at the question as

“The typically question, people fail which is always jealous and envious of the success”

It is a desolate world, where growing branches of life that invites compassion

There, just the people who never spoke, except in the silent

Never show themselves, except in darkness

Never boast except in dreams

In fact, in place of that, they are not able to say what they want

The only fake consolation, only saying that “failure is success delayed”

A silent world of the people fail

An ideal place to compare,

And, the reason to celebrate success

Mid-June 2012


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