The Original

Since the first cry to childhood, humans relatively still be themself. Children are not too concerned with a view,  judgment, or their social environment response. Children who are in kindergarten, when painted, they will express their art as it is. However, when their teachers, or adults to judge, they began trying to confirm with these assessments.

Confirmation process, inevitably, take place throughout the social life. Humans are no longer able to be whole themself . Only those who managed to manifest themself, able to grow regardless of criticism or hostility. They would not submit to the coercion of public opinion. Attitudes like this just might be developed by those who are brave and has a strong character.

Among those who submit to the coercion of public opinion, and the struggle to free themselves from the confines of time, there is a kind of human being cynical, sarcastic, and humorous. They are the kind of man who is quite original. But, their originality is not enough power, and not too weak to faced with the force of public opinion. Cynicism is an expression of resistance among helplessness. Sarcasm is the attitude of despair over the shackles of reality, and they were unable to break free. While the humor is the attitudes between laughing and crying.

Currently, between interest and fear of what was going on about life, making many people choose cynicism, Sarcasm, and humorous. By acting like that, they still felt to be the original, albeit in helplessness.


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