In the long and winding life

Has been the destiny of man, must live in a world in pairs. Day and night, young and old, men and women, happy and sad, relieved and disappointed, and so on. In short, human desires can not always be realized.

Attract, between desire and reality are accepted, making people realize that life is a time to rise, at other times down. Sometimes straight and other times meandering. In fact, could be headed toward a never expected.

In the reality of their lives, humans developed a range of views and attitudes. They are brave and impatient, will see this life is vanity. Because, no one man can do, but should end in line with the coming of death. Those who hesitated, trying to develop ambivalent attitudes. Believe that death is not the end of everything and demanding accountability for what was done during their lives, while living without concern that a time will die.

They see life in terms of their efforts to always successful, always happy, always right, always respected, always wins. So that, when death comes, they see their lives as nothing more than silliness. Meanwhile, for those who always have failed, or was always suffering, would see death as a solution, they were committing suicide. The others, in a pile of wealth and success, they are still confused to find meaning of life.

If meaningfulness is a requirement that must be met, why should seek only the glory and wealth. Why not try to look at anything else. More than just choosing a measuring tool to measure the meaningfulness, in fact humans can acquire meaningfulness of life in every intake of breath. Humans are not born into the world for a vanity, or of doubt. Humans are born into the world on a mission to spread the good for themselves, to fellow human beings, and the natural environment. The value of a good not only lie in a comfortable life, or the patience in suffering, but also at providing water for a dog that is thirsty.

The quality of the good (including the value of human glory) is not determined by a large number of what is owned or done, but with regard to sincerity and truth. To obtain meaningfulness in the long and winding life (filled with the relative certainties), faith in God is a logical choice and most likely be done by everyone, rather than doubt or deny it. Although at first, such as Erich Fromm said that many people back to religion rather than as a manifestation of faith, but simply to escape the severe doubts that plagued them.

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