Refraction Meaning of Luxury

Not much different with sexual desire tends to be expressed without candor. Behind the desire to be rich, is also hidden the will to no flaws, no need, and has no equal, which of all are expressed through the luxury and exclusivity. Luxury is represented in the form of its ability to consume commodities exceeding demand. Meanwhile, exclusivity represents ego satisfaction, which does not have the social consciousness, but, used for self-satisfaction.

The hidden willingness to find a way, when luxury and exclusivity is considered as a symbol of personal sovereignty in social position. Although, everyone understands, luxury and exclusivity is the phenomenon of scale comparison “much-less”, and “differentiation” of self-identity is always not the same as anyone else. Except as evidence of success in collecting materials, luxury and exclusivity did not have a direct correlation with the human characters, such as a smart, intelligent, compassionate, generous, honorable, and so on. Material success does not automatically make someone has an admirable character, but  he/ she willing to learn, think, understand, give time, give power, build trust, and making decisions. Property (including luxury and exclusivity) may be inherited, and can be accepted fully, without significant effort. Meanwhile, science, morality, personality, knowledge, virtue, can not be inherited, except through intensive education and adequate effort.

If, in general, people are amazed and proud of luxury and exclusivity, and few people are able to have it, be the basis to establish one’s social status, it would suggest that the orientation of admiration and pride is not a rich person with a life of luxury, but luxury itself.

The fact, that the rich with the life of luxury, is considered worthy of being a symbol of admiration and pride, then it is the result of unilateral interpretation, which produces refraction meaning of luxury. This admiring way, like a painter who smoked cigarettes in deeply as he was amazed by his own paintings

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