The Elderly, Process to Perfection

It’s human nature to not like the loss or deficiency, including loss of youth. Many people who feel anxious, when they realized  were at the edge of life. What ever possessed and proud, turned into a pile of old story is not interesting to hear, but simply to show respect. Time seemed to roll back. Honor, strength, health, beauty, dexterity, one by one go away. Which left only the self-deprivation and useless.

Was worth of human life?. Are not human beings with their intellectual ability, has managed to change the world. And, in the limit allows, also able to create choices in their lives. Their lives are not  just repeating the behavior of their ancestors, as other creatures. Humans, continuously, from generation to generation, developing behavior. In fact, through the advancement of science, humans managed to realize their dreams.Dream to fly like a bird, is realized through the aircraft. Dreams can live in water, manifested by ships and submarines. Dream beyond the dimensions of space and time, manifested through communication technologies. In essence, humans are able to build a better life than previous generations.

As long as humans do not develop destructive behavior, all human life is a chain process to perfection. Similarly happens with old age. The presence of old age, not a moment to compare the previous conditions (the youth) to the present (old age). Is unwise, consider a single point of the chain (the youth) are more valuable than the other (old age), while both are an integral part of a chain process to perfection.

Old age is the proximity of humans to perfection. In any case, a sense of gratitude in the elderly is much more useful than the indulgence of anxiety and regret. Old age brings men to the consciousness of a whole life. Not only about themselves, but also about the next generation. Not only about life, but also about death. Not only about the life of the world, but also about the life hereafter.

If this view is often mocked as a way to entertain the elderly, the view to see old age as a time of shortage and not useful, is the way assessments are to be pitied. Because only rely on eyesight, poor thinking.

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