opportunity caged

They watched:
A few people dancing with their own welfare. They just keep quiet.
A few people said, this is the result of hard work. They just keep quiet.
A few people said, we do not violate the law. They just keep quiet.
A few people said, we sympathize and want to help you. They just keep quiet.

All this is not about hard work or laziness. comply or violate. Also, instead of helplessness or ability, envy or sincere, achievement or frustration. All this is about the rarity.

If the property is considered as a result of the correct way of life. How many people know about living life the right way. So that the spread of poverty is considered as a matter of properly.

When all this is about the ability of self, how many people doubted their ability. And therefore, they are considered more worthy of being a failure than the success

If wealth is not the pinnacle of success, why is money speaks loudest and most heard than in others.

All this is about the justification of rarity.

Few people, if no match is said to no one, who would understand that this is all about the opportunities that caged, which can not be cultivated and consumed by anyone, except by a few people who raise the opportunity


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