Commodity was named Poverty

Poverty is a state of (trouble). Poverty is a paradox of prosperity. Thus, in addition to non-tradablepoverty is a world full of flaws (especially material). Nothing can be gained from this world, but sorrow and compassion.

However, although poverty is not merchandise or commercial objects, and also not a promising condition, with its shortcomings, it is deemed to have a promising opportunity. The definition of opportunity here not only in the context of a business (as a field for material gain), but also the non-material such as for political interests. Poverty as a central issue raised, it may seem cliché, is still considered to have “selling power”.

Take a look. How many television stations broadcast a reality show exploring the lives of the poor. And, how much public interest as well as advertisers are willing to support this event. Then, how much research on poverty conducted. Government officials, based on statistical calculations, said the amount of poverty dropped. Political opponents, according to the survey, said the number of poor increased. How many candidates campaigned to expose his generosity toward the poor. And, how many of them, institutions and individuals who openly publicize the awards and prizes to people who live meager, but keep going, optimistic, never complain or protest. In a broader scale and classic pattern, we can ask, whether the donor countries are willing to give loans to poor countries, just because they want to eradicate poverty?.

Poverty is no longer seen as an unwanted product, but has been considered as product diversification. The plant, in this case is the prevailing system, in addition to producing a small amount of prosperity, in a planned and systematic way, also produces a large amount of poverty. The reason is obvious, both products are proven to bring benefits!.


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