Uncovering the true color of the chameleon

Human behavior is guided by a consciousness. One time, his behavior could be based on the things that please him, fun for other people, in harmony with the general view. And the opposite occurs, at other times. In essence, whatever the form of consciousness, as long as it is able to dominate the consciousness of individuals, will be the driving force for a person to do or not do something.

Accumulation of human responses to the attraction between what is done and not done, “what happens” with “what you want”, affect the color of one’s personality. Such a strong person, weak person, or an opportunist individual who is always changing colors like a chameleon.

Opportunist character is not the grace of God. Opportunist character is a decision driven by the energy of greed. In view of a true opportunist, no suffering is the lightest, but it’s happening to someone else. And there is no perfect happiness, but only for himself. Basically, everyone has the potential to be an opportunist. In fact, no exaggeration to say that being an opportunist is supposed to represent the character of the times. Almost every people like to behave based on the principle of usefulness, efficiency, and potential benefits, rather than on the truth. So that, substantially, what is called in the business world as being observant in seeing the opportunities  are hard to distinguish a pure opportunist.

Admittedly, the “usefulness” is not anti-thesis of “the truth”. however, when the usefulness of a measure in many cases, sooner or later, will lead to erosion of the values of truth (a logical or normative). Ultimately, man is no longer a noble intelligent creatures, but it turned into a smart predator that preys not satisfied with the natural surroundings, but also prey on each other.

Just by way of orientation to the values of truth, man can show the true face of humanity. Human behavior no longer resembles a chameleon, who never showed his true colors, but always changing according to  interests.


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