The Silent Satan

the hidden truth (oil painting by catilla)

Justice, prosperity, and generosity, it is often assumed as a guarantee for the realization of  hope for a better future. But before all this becomes reality, greed, trickery and tyranny have been snatched. Life no longer offers many options. Win with the triumph, or eliminated with the collapse.

That is, a little bit of a grim picture of a unstopping achievement world. The ultimate goal of life is reduced to just get his wealth and dignity. By fostering understanding, “have” is “becomes”, opened wide the door of greed, like the grave that is ready to swallow anything.

From the greed syndrome womb, was born persons looking angel with the devil character. If the devil is known creature who likes to mislead people, in order to maintain the appearance of angels, they do not want to come to spread the delusion or a lie. But, they are just silent, hide the truth!.

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