Choosing the wrong dose, growing split personality

white roses 2 (oil painting by catilla)

Too many of us watched. Too many of us understand. And too many of us also do not understand it. All this about a split personality.

So many people who do not feel comfortable with the integrity. They allow themselves to be devided in any ways. In the real behavior and in thought, giving rise to paradoxical behavior. Sinner preaching about faith, loving while exploiting others, nurturing environment while destroying it, to feel noble and proud of evil behavior.

Do not expect to understand why humans behave that way, before understanding the meaning of a measure of success.

As the original nature, humans do not behave other than for a purpose. Through this paradoxical behavior, people feel they are receiving many benefits, especially the intangible benefits of material. Bank interest rate system, though admittedly not fair, it is accepted as part of the economic system. The reason, besides believed to drive the economy through savings and credit transactions, the system of interest is also considered to be able to create jobs that benefit (for lending). On behalf of the effort to improve the quality of education,commercialization of education in various forms to bloom everywhere. Consequently, instead of producing qualified human resources, but stupidity is endemic. Many people do not attend school because they can not pay.

They measured only by the tangible benefits that are measurable. In conjunction with the blessing, togetherness, sincerity, morality and values of faith, is considered to be relative, subjective, can not be calculated. And therefore can not be reckoned or used as standard.

They grow up with a split personality, because choosing the wrong dose

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