Human purified by flow of time

be grateful (oil painting by catilla)

Humans interpret his life in a lot of meaning.

Some people interpret human life with all its advantages (in whatever form) is nothing more than vanity (ridiculous). When death must pick up all over.

Others, looking at human life as being meaningful. One of them described as Victor Frankl. In any case, either happy or miserable, free or occupied, including when they met death, life is still meaningful

Regardless of the way of looking at life, throughout his life, man is purified by the flow of time. Starting from nothing turns into a clot. Nine months later, from his residence in a quiet womb, humans moved into the frenzied world. Furthermore, from the stage of the children are always spoiled, grown into a mature human being burdened with responsibility. From anesthetized by “the heavens” pseudo, or deceived “hells” imitation, to heaven or hell is real. Of life bounded by death to live forever.

With the flow of time, man was taken (read : return) to purity.

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