Dark side of Generosity

home sweet home (oil painting by catilla)

Generosity is a major concern of social capital. The spirit of social awareness is rooted in concern for human suffering. Social care is intended to undermine the suffering, at least, can reduce human suffering. But behind the virtuous, the generosity could contain the dark side. It is likely used as a means to reinforce the advantages of self.

Generosity, in addition to expressing compassion for the suffering of fellow human beings, it also contains relief. Those who suffer are others, not himself or his family. Even at the pathological level, the expression of generosity can be a civilized way to enjoy the suffering of others

Although generosity is often accompanied by expressions of grief, it would not be able to change the fact that it was all a situational emotions. Levels of empathy of the rich against poverty will never match the level of pain felt by the poor.

Like watching a movie with a touching story, we can be touched and cried, but at the same time, we remain aware of all it was a story in the film is not being experienced. This ambiguity is similar to the moon has a dark side. We can see the beautiful moonlight, but have never seen the dark side.

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