Why should compete ?

dregs of life, (oil painting by catilla)

Living in a world where competition is accepted as part of the value of justice, not only lead to progress, innovation, and convenience, but also demands sacrifice. On behalf of the regulations and the importance of honoring the achievements, some people are entitled to privileges between the obligations that must be executed by a large number of others.

The issue is not about respect for the achievements, but the underlying regulations. Most people think, when the rights and obligations in accordance with the regulations, then it do not matter. They never ask whether the regulation represents a sense of justice.

As known, the process of establishing a regulation does not involve all of society, but simply represented by the elites who are considered to be representative of the various elements. The subjective element or interests can be accommodated in the regulation. And for there is no convincing mechanism is able to ensure this does not happen.

If not through competition, how to recognize excellence in which not everyone can reach it ?. Rewarding achievement is not simply a reward, but is also expected to motivate everyone to give their best effort. With so many high achievers become better life than before. But today, what would be expected, contrary to reality. A better life only applies to a small group, while a number of other large could only lament their fate.

If in addition to giving awards for achievement, also willing to share, when making regulations will also be based on the spirit to share. Thus guarantee a better life for all people can become a reality. That need to be understood, sharing does not mean equal, but there is no gap between those who succeed with ordinary people. And certainly, the number of those who are able to enjoy a better life more than those who are less fortunate

Sharing can only be done by humans, not otherwise !

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