They are plagued by Stockholm Syndrome

one moment in time (oil painting,by catilla)

In psychology, the technical term “Stockholm Syndrome“, which is unusual behavior indicated a hostage. Secretly sympathetic to the captors of the hostages. This behavior occurs because they are too long to interact with situations completely suppress.

Similar symptoms also occur in social life. People who are too long living in the economic system which is too competitive, exploitative, and manipulative, causing people to give up a part of the system, although economically and sociologically they are positioned as prey.

Indeed, humans are not animals. Under threat, the animal has only two choices fight or flight (escape or attack). By choice, man has what is called dignity and self-esteem. This option is more complex and dilemma. In his helplessness, human intuitively do not like to be human controlled. But, in the same time, did not dare to take risks. Feelings of fear escape contrary to his desire not to lose the dignity of humanity. Alternatively, choose a third way, self-denial !.

In extreme form, self- denial expression is shown in a way that was never carried out an animal, committed suicide !. Meanwhile, in the form of existential, self-denial manifested in the form of submission to the dominant power, to follow wherever the current flows. In his surrender, the people had created a artificial reality. They consider that the economic system setup to protect the interests of a small group of people is a fact that should be. They hope there will be a goose laying golden eggs, although the simple logic says that it was only a dream in broad daylight.

With that attitude, people not only have to behave irrationally, but also participate actively destroy himself. They need help to be free from Stockholm Syndrome

3 tanggapan untuk “They are plagued by Stockholm Syndrome”

  1. You are making an interesting point here about how we have accepted or perhaps better, we have been captivated by an abusive economic system just like the Stockholm Syndrome plays out between two people.


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